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Our Code of Professional Conduct

Our Code of Professional Conduct is predicated on five principles of ethical behavior.


JCS deals honestly in all aspects of the consultant-client relationship.


The relationship between JCS and its clients is a matter of confidentiality.  JCS will guard the confidentiality of all client information.

Conflict of Interest

JCS will not clandestinely accept assignments from competing clients if our efforts with one client can have a negative impact on the success of another client.  JCS will not knowingly place itself in any conflict of interest situation.

Fee Disclosure

JCS discloses to the client, in advance, all fees associated with an assignment.  The method of payment is also settled in advance.  Depending on the nature of the assignment, JCS may require progress payments.

Hiring Client Personnel

JCS will not hire personnel from its clients.  We regard such a practice as unethical.